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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Great Ideas

We often hear or read of people saying their idea or ideas have been stolen by someone, or large corporation, and complaining because they have not been properly compensated.

In the first place, if you've got what you believe is a valuable idea, apply for patent. Just call an attorney that specializes in intellectual property. If you're not willing to invest money in your own idea, it's best to give it away. Besides, what did the idea cost you?

Several years ago I sent an idea to one of the major car companies just to see how they would respond to it. My idea was to put some sort of electronic attention-getting device on cars when they back up, similar to warnings made when commercial vehicles back-up.

I felt maybe an idea like this could prevent a tragedy or even save the life of a playing child or a sleeping pet, to say nothing about hurting someone in a parking lot.

To make a long story short, I sent the idea. My letter was returned to me with a note that I should include proof of a patent or a copy of my patent application before submitting an idea. I didn't even get a thank you.

Most companies have many ideas already in their files that they have never bothered to develop. I can get ideas all the time and so can you. What's an idea worth? It's worth nothing at all unless we put it into action ourselves, or try to patent or copyright it.

It's no big deal. Just call an attorney, get a book on the subject or check out one of the many legal services available on the Internet.

One idea can make you millions if you put it to work and have enough faith in it to take some risks. I've received hundreds of ideas over my career from people to the effect that they have a great idea for a book, and why don't I write it? Why don't they write it?

Everything you see, buy, or use was once an idea in someone's head. Companies don't steal our ideas. They're usually getting along fine without them. If you get an idea you think might solve a problem, get it patented immediately.

Getting ideas is much like making a discovery: It can be worth a little or a great deal or nothing at all. Ideas are responsible for everything we see around us, the music we hear, the clothes we wear, everything that wasn't already here when we showed up.

Ideas can fill our lives with meaning and joy and love, as well as their opposites. If we're idea people, it shows in every department of our lives.