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Monday, February 04, 2008

Things People Need To Know

Contrary to what the news media, politicians and the special interest groups would have you believe; every person in this country does get an education. He or she gets it at home, away from home, in school, through his or her conversations with others, and from the books he or she reads.

The amount of knowledge obtained varies widely with each individual and to a large extent, reflects their desires, interests and is in keeping, as a rule with the size of their goals, if they have goals. All of this constitutes what we know.

By and large, with most people, their knowledge is heterogeneous, covering a wide range of things. Their knowledge may consist of facts and real information, half truths, superstitions, out-dated beliefs, and so on.

Let's look at few things most people do not know; things which, if known, would dramatically change their lives for the better.

* Most people really don't know that life can be an enormously rich and rewarding experience, and a lot of fun.

* Most people don't realize or fully understand that they are in control of their own lives and that their daily environment is nothing more than their own accurate reflection of themselves. In fact, the majority of people will call you an liar on this one, but it's true all the same.

* Most people don't know where they're really going.

* Most people don't know that everyone has within them deep reservoirs of ability, even genius that he or she habitually fails to use.

*Most people don't know how little they know, and as result, generally believe that an education stops with graduation from school, the exact point where it really should begin.

* Most people believe that their lives are shaped by events and forces over which they have no control. That they are in effect pushed around by fate, circumstances, luck or lack of it.

* Most people seem to resent and fear change. They seem to be basically suspicious of anything new or different and suppose it will be for the worse.

* Most people emulate the people whom they associate with in the misguided conception that these people know how to live successfully. As a result they don't even play follow the leader; they play follow the follower in kind of circular game that can only come back again to the beginning, if it ever leaves the beginning.

* Most people look upon their work as a necessary evil. They long for quitting time, weekends and vacations and then they don't know what to do with their leisure time. They don't realize that the majority of their work and satisfaction and all of their success will come from their work.

Well, today I gave you a list of things most people don't know. Things which, if they were only understood, could change a person's life dramatically for the better and result in the individual achieving far more than he or she could have dreamed possible.