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Sunday, June 07, 2009

We Make Ourselves

There is a couplet of Shakespear which goes: “It hath been taught use from the primal state / That he which is / was wished until he were.” And Manas adds: “Men make themselves.

We make ourselves, as persons, all the years of our lives, as a species, all the years of human history. What we wish will come. Remember how we could wish for something and have it come true. As adults, we do that. Sometimes we live to rue the day, and wish we could get our real wishes; we become the living embodiment of them.

That's why we know that the things on which scientists and engineers are working on today will eventually come about. We have never put an idea into the realm of possibility, and set out to work on it, which has not come about.

Today, we can walk on the moon, see different galaxies, and have an actual station in space. We can build artificial limbs, cure diseases and even some cancers. We can communicate verbally as well as visually instantly around the world via the Internet.

We make terrible and painful mistakes as we move onwards into time, fashioning our own world in the way in which we think it will best do the job. We often work at cross purposes and come to ruinous clashes, but our intention, as humans, is good. We really seek what is good, what is best for us. And because we do, we will in time achieve the kind of world we all want.

None of us now living may see it, but it's in the works, I truly believe. Everything in nature struggles upward, all humans included. Most of us want what is best, what is good, for ourselves, and our families. We are stopped most often by the anarchy of nations and by those who seek power, who think that they know what's best for us and that we don't.

But despite coming through the bloodiest century in the history of mankind, what we are making of ourselves is better than what we've been. We see a new social consciousness everywhere. People are beginning to care what happens to other people. It's almost as though, for the first time, they're beginning in really large numbers to realize that we're all part of the same family.

We make ourselves, collectively and individually. If we relinquish control over our own lives and just drift with the crowd, it is still our decision to do so.

When I mentioned that we would achieve the kind of world we want, I did not mean to indicate that we'll be happy with it when we get it; we'll probably wont' be satisfied and looking for some kind of new way. Perfection is an ideal impossible to achieve, so we'll always have something to strive toward. It's in the striving that we grow and in which lies our hope for the future.

Each of us is, at this moment, the sum total of his or her thoughts to this point. We make ourselves; through our wishes, through our real desires, through our daily thinking.


Blogger Sean said...

very true, we are what we think we are and we will become what we do. If the good things are done again and again, we will realise them and achieve what we desire.
Sean Durham http://www.tigersleap.com

2:18 PM


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