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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Power Of Belief

One of the most difficult things to teach, and because of this, the most difficult thing for someone to learn is the all powerful force of faith or belief.

Faith is a power that every person has, but which few people use. No one has a monopoly on faith. In other words one person possesses the power of faith above another, or to a greater degree. Everyone has it, since we all live and have a consciousness. The question then is not: Do you have the power? It is merely; Are you using it correctly?

When you discover the extent of your powers, by the conscious and correct use of faith or belief, or whatever you want to call it, you find that there has been introduced an entirely new set of laws into your experience.

New to your experience, yes, but the laws are not new themselves. When you discover what the power of belief can mean, how it can revolutionize your life for the better, you will at first be astounded until you realize that your life had been operating on the same principle all along.

The difference is that when you understand and use this power for good to achieve your goals, while other people who don't understand use this same power to hold themselves back, to limit themselves, and to live a sort of half-life.

It would be a great surprise to most people to discover that the very law which now holds them back, holds them in a kind of bondage, is the very law which could free them if they just used it in a slightly different way.

To illustrate this point let's look for example, at a sailboat. With a sailboat, you can go east or west, steer into the rocks, or bring the boat gently to anchor at the dock, all with the same wind, blowing in the same direction. It's all up to you and the way you steer.

In the Bible it says “Go thy way; and thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” I think this is a wonderful summary of belief or faith because it says; as he believes, so is it done unto him, but the power of belief is with him, it's his sailboat, and it's his hand on the wheel whether he knows it or not, or whether he likes it or not.

The same force that leads one person into fulfillment, happiness and abundance unfortunately keeps another person muddling through life with no purpose or reason, fearful, afraid and often bitter.

The tragedy of it is that the world could be his if only he understood that most difficult thing, to teach or learn; that we become what we think about most of the time; that as we believe, so it is done unto us.